Friday, October 29, 2010

I've become Bakelite obsessed:

Yes, yes it's true, I have! *hangs head in shame*

I admired it a while, didn't know a ton about it and figured I'd NEVER afford the habit. So,I told myself "don't get started..before it's too late". ( I'm already far gone on confetti lucite jewelry & knee hugger elves).

Then, I purchased a piece ( for myself) and there's no turning back! I started with a Bakelite art brooch:Meaning the woman used bakelite pieces,then added a bundle of Lucite cherries.There's also a seller on etsy that makes Mahjong bracelets.They're made with bakelite tile pieces,but she uses pony beads as spacers. ONLY $10-so yes..maybe not TOTALLY authentic,but I don't have $95+ for the 100% authentic ones that I see in antique malls and on ebay (until I luck up, that is!).It's just as good though!

I purchased a French piece, for my etsy shop.A wonderful carved brooch,set in metal.It hasn't sold yet and only has 1-heart, I'm coming closer and closer to keeping it myself:


Then one week, after good sales in my etsy shop ( which never happens), I bought a trio from a dealer in England.They're my favorite colors and were a good price:


THEN, on Wednesday, My mother takes my husband and I out to eat in Hickory, for out 5-year wedding anniversary.We're so broke, it's ridiculous,at the moment.She says we can go antiquing and gives us each $20.Ok,that's not much,but for's plenty! She' so sweet! We get deals from the shop owners because they know us,they like us and they appreciate us! Sweeet!
There's this hole in the wall off of an exit, on the way into Hickory.It's right beside a gas station in the middle of nowhere! I actually bought my vintage table and chairs from there, for $395! Anwho-I looked in all the booths, then passed a tiny display case,on top of a display counter.I took a gander right quick, low and behold, a cherry red- swirled bakelite brooch! Carved and large! ONLY $35! My mom gave me $7 more,then Erick gave me $10.She said she'd give me 10% off, since that seller's booth isn't "firm on prices". So after tax, I paid $33.95.This isn't such a clear photo..I used available light in the house:
It's so drop dead gorgeous! I've never seen this brooch.I've seen the shape of this piece, as a necklace,but without the carving.I've only ever seen it in a vanilla color as well.So I'm guessing this must be a hard to find piece.I'm keeping this for myself, obviously! I'm a sucker for brooches.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hot Rod Gal!

I haven't posted in forever.I've added A LOT to my Etsy store.Being that it's still technically Summer, the sales have been non-existant and ultra,ultra slow.It doesn't help that Erick just lost his weekend job, which really helped us out a lot, so things are really tight now.Luckily, he'll qualify for Financial Aid for school now.YAY!

I added this top last night, and it's only had 2 views..WHAT?! I decided that since I had gone out today, I should take advantage of the hair and makeup,and model this top to get some more views,and hopefully a SALE!!!


This is a young men's fitted top from the late 1960s.It didn't have the original tags on it, but it's in brand spanking new condition! * This photo was edited for an older look, but visit my shop ( and you'll see how great the colors are!* I adore this top,but when you need the money, you need it! Plus, I've never worn it, it's just been in my closet,but it's fabulous! Hopefully it'll find a home this week ;)

This top makes me think of a hot juvenile delinquent on the cover of a 1950s Pulp Novel. LOVES IT!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Yay for cheap finds!

As a housewife, like many vintage collectors,we spend a lot of time on the net searching for the things we love, in hopes to find them at great prices.

For years now,I've been trying to find a great vintage swimsuit.Prferably, from the 1940s-1960s.While browsing yesterday, I happened upon a great vintage deadstock swimsuit, from the 1950s with an amazing abstract design and color combo.It happened to be my size ( with 2 inches to spare in the bust) and for only $20.00! The only flaw: some fading on the hip,where light reached it while in storage.To me, that's no big deal! I'm only going to swim in it, if I ever go swimming again..haha, and probably do some photos in it.That'll be an easy fix in photo would just burn that area in, or pose around it.Simple! So here it is, in all it's glory!

My next find, happened this morning.With all the mounds of vintage earrings that I own, I didn't have any that matched this swimsuit,as much as I would like them to.I'm super particular about things matching and being themed,it's kind of a hang up with me.Anyways, I collect Confetti Lucite jewelry.I love tacky,I love it goes well together.My favorite pair that I own, were a gift from my husband for Christmas last year.They're square,peach in color,and contain a real seahorse and a piece of seaweed in them.They're AMAZING!!!!! So naturally when I stumbled upon two pair of confetti lucite earrings,both containing sea shells and glitter and both capable of matching my swimsuit..I got excited.Then I noticed, they're only $8 with free shipping.I snatched them up immediately:

It just goes to show, that if you're persistant in your search and check daily, you'll find what you're looking for, and at a great deal..EVENTUALLY! So be patient, it pays off!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My first post!

Hi *waves*!

So, I decided that I should finally make a blog on here.I've been with livejournal for years now..probably seven years now,actually!

I joined in hopes to meet other vintage collecters,hoarders,peddlers and of course vintage lovers! Oh,and I won't lie..I need the traffic to my etsy shop: *wink*

So, for this month, I have my six year anniversary with the hubby.Not our wedding anniversary,but our first date anniversary because we've been together ever since that first date.I'm currently a housewifey and I'm about to finish my embalming license this fall, in great thanks to my generous father whom said he would help out financially.I'm trying to get some sales so that I can actually GIVE my husband a present.I stopped working in the fall of 2008 and my only personal income since then, has been through ebay,etsy and a few months out of the beginning of this year, I helped a friend out at her dog kennel while she healed from her third hip surgery.SOOOOO...I'm featuring the following item:


I found this lovely vintage,handmade maternity top @ my favorite antique mall "The Sleepy Poet" in Charlotte,NC. I'm a sucker for primary colors,paired with geometrical shapes.Royal blue is a weakness of mine! I'm not pregnant,nor do I plan to be for at least ten years..if ever,but there are lots of Momma's out there and those that are soon to be,that would love to have some vintage maternity wear, so I had to pick this up!
This top is currently available in my shop :)