Friday, July 9, 2010

My first post!

Hi *waves*!

So, I decided that I should finally make a blog on here.I've been with livejournal for years now..probably seven years now,actually!

I joined in hopes to meet other vintage collecters,hoarders,peddlers and of course vintage lovers! Oh,and I won't lie..I need the traffic to my etsy shop: *wink*

So, for this month, I have my six year anniversary with the hubby.Not our wedding anniversary,but our first date anniversary because we've been together ever since that first date.I'm currently a housewifey and I'm about to finish my embalming license this fall, in great thanks to my generous father whom said he would help out financially.I'm trying to get some sales so that I can actually GIVE my husband a present.I stopped working in the fall of 2008 and my only personal income since then, has been through ebay,etsy and a few months out of the beginning of this year, I helped a friend out at her dog kennel while she healed from her third hip surgery.SOOOOO...I'm featuring the following item:


I found this lovely vintage,handmade maternity top @ my favorite antique mall "The Sleepy Poet" in Charlotte,NC. I'm a sucker for primary colors,paired with geometrical shapes.Royal blue is a weakness of mine! I'm not pregnant,nor do I plan to be for at least ten years..if ever,but there are lots of Momma's out there and those that are soon to be,that would love to have some vintage maternity wear, so I had to pick this up!
This top is currently available in my shop :)

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