Monday, August 16, 2010

Hot Rod Gal!

I haven't posted in forever.I've added A LOT to my Etsy store.Being that it's still technically Summer, the sales have been non-existant and ultra,ultra slow.It doesn't help that Erick just lost his weekend job, which really helped us out a lot, so things are really tight now.Luckily, he'll qualify for Financial Aid for school now.YAY!

I added this top last night, and it's only had 2 views..WHAT?! I decided that since I had gone out today, I should take advantage of the hair and makeup,and model this top to get some more views,and hopefully a SALE!!!


This is a young men's fitted top from the late 1960s.It didn't have the original tags on it, but it's in brand spanking new condition! * This photo was edited for an older look, but visit my shop ( and you'll see how great the colors are!* I adore this top,but when you need the money, you need it! Plus, I've never worn it, it's just been in my closet,but it's fabulous! Hopefully it'll find a home this week ;)

This top makes me think of a hot juvenile delinquent on the cover of a 1950s Pulp Novel. LOVES IT!